Celestial: This Fall 2022 draws on celestial magic and spirituality. From stars and planetary constellations to mystical signs and symbols.

Patternbank's Celestial print trend embraces the fascination for gazing to the heavens for divine inspiration, connecting with spirituality and exploring planetary influences on our spiritual wellbeing.

Image Credits: Zimmerman Fall 21, Libertine Fall 21, Alexa Soh (Unsplash), Anna Sui Fall 21, Steve Harvey (Unsplash), Zimmerman Fall 21, Alexander Andrews (Unsplash), Muhammad Haikal Sjukri (Unsplash), Farzad Mohsenrand (Unsplash), Marine Serre Fall 21, Nick Owour Astro Nic Visuals (Unsplash), Zimmerman Fall 21, Alexander Andrews (Unsplash)