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How to sell on Patternbank

Selling your designs on Patternbank couldn’t be easier: click Join Now and when you receive a confirmation email, click on Become a Seller. Patternbank will take you through the procedure: you will be asked to supply your full details, your current online presence, where you are currently selling and then you’ll be asked to upload 12 designs.

Genuinely talented designers have nothing to fear from our rigorous screening process – this sifts the wheat from the chafe, ensures our buyers’ peace of mind and your security as a seller. With our backgrounds in design, trend forecasting and the creative industries our team can identify talented work when we see it.

Design Copyright

We know how fantastic it feels to create something unique, a product of your own hard work – and how important it is to keep that work safe. At Patternbank we pride ourselves on professionalism and of course we look for the same from all our creatives – founded on original designs, we expect nothing but originals from you.

This means your own work, no copies, versions, third-party or stock imagery: the designs you upload and put forward for sale on Patternbank MUST be your own creations. 

We also do not accept AI-generated pattern designs and artwork. We believe in the unique perspective and artistic expression that human creators bring to their work. By prioritising human creativity, we aim to maintain the integrity and artistic quality of Patternbank.

No ifs, no buts: designers who break our seller T&Cs will instantly be removed from Patternbank. Make sure to check our Seller Support Page before you upload your designs.

Start Uploading

This is the exciting part – once your work has been approved by our team you can start to upload. Before you do, check out our Seller Support Page which has all the information you need when it comes to size and format. You will also be asked to choose the type of licensing you want for your design.

Licensing Explained

We have three licenses to sell your designs as, subject to Patternbank’s approval:
1) Personal (Non-exclusive) non-exclusive licensing means your design can be sold multiple times, for personal, non-commerical use. Please note that the design can not be on sale elsewhere. See our Sellers License Agreement for more details.
2) Commercial (Non-exclusive) non-exclusive licensing allows your design to be used on commercial products, on up to 500 units, or unlimited times for commercial use. See our Sellers License Agreement for more details.
3) Premium exclusive means that your design is sold with a one-off exclusive license and that once the buyer has paid they own that design. These designs are sold at a higher price point and need to be completely original production-ready before uploading (ie in repeat where applicable, colour separated with layered PSD or AI files, etc). See our Sellers License Agreement for more details.

Payment & Commission

As a designer you will receive 50 per cent commission on all sales made through Patternbank, and we even pick up the PayPal fee. You will be able to track sales in the Transactions & Statements section of your profile page. Payment will be made straight into your PayPal account on a monthly basis. For more details see Seller Support Page.

To help you create successful designs visit our Trends Information section, full of inspirational patterns and prints.

Now all you have to do is sign up – and start selling!

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