Veneta Danailova

Hello! My name is Veneta and I like to experiment in the field of textile design. My designs are of a different nature and are tailored to the latest fashion trends. They are colorful and vibrant, filled with a lot of dynamics.

In 3 words describe your pattern design style?
Trendy, vibrant and diverse
What is your work & design process? 
My work process begins with getting acquainted in advance with the latest fashion trends.
I sketch, draw and develop my ideas. Finally, I finish with the appropriate colors for the season.
Where do you find your design inspiration?
I find design inspiration from various sources - from nature and my travels, from art and listening to music.
I am inspired by plants and flowers by trying to reproduce them.
What advice would you give to new designers?
I would recommend new designers to do what they love and not be afraid to experiment.