Sonja Sporrer-Hornfeck

Hi :-) I am a certified textile designer with experience in home textiles, cover fabrics, apparel and fashion. Pattern, textures and colors are my passion.

In 3 words describe your pattern design style?
Colourful, Hand-drawn & Experimental 
What is your work & design process? 
I have a passion for colours and trends, which I incorporate into my pattern design style. Experimentally hand-painted, hand-drawn, digitally designed or collaged, depending on the emotional state. Customer wishes and goals are discussed, a colour concept is worked out and motifs are determined. A mood board is created and the design process can begin.
Where do you find your design inspiration?
In nature, which I enjoy with all my senses, on journeys - simply in life.
What advice would you give to new designers?
Realise your ideas consequently, stay true to your style, just be yourself, enjoy the little things in this difficult time, stay positive and creative. Let us make life more colourful.