Namrata Deshpande

'Hello Jardin' by Namrata Deshpande is a design studio specializing in exclusive hand painted textile prints. Based in Mumbai, India.

In 3 words describe your pattern design style?
Classic, floral & feminine.
What is your work & design process? 
In any given week, I’m usually working across multiple themes and subjects. I specialise in exclusive hand painted prints and once I have all the elements painted for a particular pattern I absolutely love the jigsaw of putting the patterns together in photoshop.
Where do you find your design inspiration?
It’s always been gardens and the outdoors for me. I make it a point to visit gardens and nurseries or florists to see and also photograph the blooms that are in season. That usually leads me to a painterly obsession for a certain flower or subject.
What advice would you give to new designers?
The more you work at your art the better you will get. If you put in the practice and effort it will pay off in the long term. I am a self taught artist and pattern designer who made the shift from architecture and I am constantly working at improving my illustrative skills.