Marusha Belle

Marusha Belle is a Moscow born, Lisbon based fashion designer and children’s artist and author. She developed her style full of life and bright colors, which is hugely inspired by nature.

In 3 words: describe your pattern design style??
Bright, bold, playful.

What is your work & design process? 
I always start from choosing a trend that makes me inspired. Then I grab my sketchbook and sketch up some ideas, creating elements which then magically turn into a pattern and I never know which ones I’ll be using. I draw all elements on my iPad, usually in vector, because this format gives me freedom to play with the elements and it’s fairly loved by clients. Then I choose a color palette and color up all the illustrations that will be used in the pattern and then the magic begins. I love experimenting with color, mix elements from different collections, play with textures and sizes. Usually, a bestseller is born experimentally, unexpectedly, when combining different illustrations that I did not plan to use in one pattern.
Where do you find your design inspiration?
I see patterns everywhere! Though it’s quite easy in Portugal with all the traditional azulejo tiles and gorgeous evergreen nature all year round. But anything really can inspire me, for example, the way how the goods are arranged in the supermarket or how the seashells lie on the beach. I love patterns! I use them a lot in my illustrations too!
What advice would you give to new designers?
My advice wouldn’t be unique. Practice makes a big difference. Love what you do, enjoy doing it, lose yourself in it, practice and practice more!