Assini Studio

Assini Studio is a surface design studio run by Gerhard Assini, a Brazilian freelance designer and illustrator. Mostly focused on creating bold compositions with abstract shapes, organic textures and consistent color palettes.

In 3 words describe your pattern design style?
Bold, organic & contemporary.
What is your work & design process? 
I usually start by searching for inspirational images to set a mood. Then I make some sketches to study the pattern’s structure/repetition. After that, I create the final assets and explore some color options.
Where do you find your design inspiration?
Mostly from art and design themselves. I love to look for colors and shapes inspirations from paintings, sculptures, movies, books, fashion editorials and runway photos.
What advice would you give to new designers?
Be aware of the latest trends but also do what you like and what seems right to you.