Aline Pellegrini

Brazilian surface designer based in Milan...

In 3 words describe your pattern design style?
Maxi, bold and stylish.

What is your work & design process? 
Usually, I begin with the palette color. Then I start to put together some ideas on my sketchbook and later I go to the computer and make it happen.  I'm super addicted to sketchbooks, and basically, all my patterns come out of fast sketches made firstly on my sketchbooks.
Where do you find your design inspiration?
In my home country, Brazil! I believe it's so strong and visible in my design.
What advice would you give to new designers?
1st- Keep on learning, a-l-w-a-y-s! 
2nd- Try to find your style! Otherwise, you will be just another person making the same thing that everybody does.