Seller Frequently Asked Questions

    Common Questions

    How do I sell my designs on Patternbank?

    Please feel free to apply to become a seller on Patternbank - we will review your submission on the application. Just sign up, make an account (which is free!) and hit the ‘Apply for a Seller Account’ link in the profile dropdown. You will need to fill out an application form with your details and send us 12 of your best designs, our experienced team will have a look through them to ensure that they are of the standard that we require to keep Patternbank the best source for Print, Pattern, and Graphics in the world. More info

    Can I use Shutterstock, iStock or any other stock design elements in my designs?

    No, all print designs should contain your own unique elements that you have created yourself, it is not acceptable to download a stock element from another site and simply put it in repeat. COPYRIGHT INFO, PLEASE READ: Recently, we've had to remove a few designers for blatantly stealing other artists work, Patternbank are very, very serious about Copyright Infringement and ask all designers to use their own artwork and elements in creating your designs. Do not upload designs that were not created by you, Strictly no reproduction or use of copyrighted, trademarked or otherwise protected material is permitted on the Patternbank studio. Designers that break our seller T&Cs will be instantly removed from the studio.

    Does my design need to be exclusive to Patternbank?

    Yes, we ask that all the designs on Patternbank are exclusive to Patternbank, but that does not stop you from selling other designs elsewhere.

    Spread the word - marketing yourself and your work

    We've also put a Designer Advice Page together so check this out for more info. Use your Patternbank profile page to market yourself. Introduce the site to industry colleagues, brands, manufactures, suppliers. Share your profile page and designs on social media: Pinterest / Instagram / Linkedin / Twitter / Facebook and use our hashtag #newonpatternbank for new designs and use #patternbank for anything else.

    Which License: Standard/Extended or Premium?

    Standard/Extended designs (royalty-free patterns) can be sold multiple times, Premium designs can be sold only once and are removed from the site as soon as they are sold. Ideally, Premium designs should be production ready, in repeat (where applicable) and be available as a PSD or AI file should the buyer require it. Premium designs must be exclusive to the buyer. Premiums designs should be completely original and contain no duplicate imagery, elements or drawings. Once a Premium design is purchased by the buyer they own exclusive rights to the design.

    Does my design need to be in repeat?

    Yes, where possible, it’s best to create your design in repeat format. Our new interface will automatically repeat your repeat tile file. Please make sure if you flag your design as a repeat, it is a true repeat design with no errors or design faults. A buyer may ask for a refund if the design is not in repeat. For designs for stationery etc. repeat is not applicable.

    What types of files can I upload?

    We sell Bitmap files (originating in something like Adobe Photoshop) and Vector files (originating in something like Adobe Illustrator). The minimum file size for a Bitmap is 3500x3500 pixels wide, JPEG compression should be set to approximately Quality 10 / Maximum. Colour mode must be set to RGB. Vector graphics only come in one size as they are scaleable and should be uploaded in either EPS or AI format.

    What will I need for the 'Upload a Design' process?

    There are several stages to the upload process - Select a License / Upload Design / Select Previews / Upload Other Assets / Descriptions & Categories. These stages are easy to follow so please take time to read through all info as you proceed through each stage.

    Files needed for upload process: On Stage 2, you will need a seamless tile that is able to repeat without any faults in JPEG or PNG format. Stage 4, you will need A Layered Photoshop PSD or Illustrator AI/EPS version of the design if its a vector file. You can also add value to you design by adding 'Other Assets'. These elements are included if the buyer purchases a high priced Extended License. Here you can add different colour ways, Pantone separated artworks, drawing scans & extra elements. Make sure you add these to your description of the design.

    How many layers should my PSD file have?

    Adobe Photoshop PSD layered file must be in editable format to some degree. A one layer PSD is not acceptable and may mean you design is rejected. Please organise your layers in easily editable professional formats. (Max 20 layers)

    What about different colourways and similar designs?

    Please only upload one colourway of each design and please don't upload lots of designs with the same design elements.

    How much commission do you charge?

    The designer receives 50% commission on all sales made through the site. Prices can vary from the displayed price if buyers require discounts when purchasing many designs or if we are running a promotion with a discount code.

    How do I get paid for my designs?

    All payments are made using PayPal on a monthly cycle. At Midnight (12:00AM GMT) on the 25th of each month the payment period ends and a new cycle begins, payments are then automatically calculated for designers that have made sales in that payment cycle. Once the payment calculations are complete we will send you an email notifying you of the payment that you are going to receive. Payments will then be sent to your PayPal account on or around the 28th of the month. You will receive a notification of your payment from PayPal.

    *You will need a Paypal account and the email linked to it to become a Patternbank designer. Also please check the Paypal account is set up correctly, the email linked to Paypal is activated & confirmed, also make sure you are able to receive USD, GBP & EUR. Please let us know once the Paypal account is all working fine and accepting payments.

    What may impact my ability to receive payment?

    If your PayPal account is not been set up correctly you will be unable to receive payments. If you are expecting a monthly payment and have not received it, please check your PayPal account is set up correctly (often it’s as simple as verifying your email address) and contact us and we will reissue your payment. If your account is under review or has been disabled, payment will not be issued.

    How do I know if I'm due a monthly payment?

    All of your sales and payments due are available to view in your ‘Statements' page when you are logged into your Patternbank account. You will also receive emails throughout the month for each design that sells.

    Will you be supplying seasonal briefs?

    The Patternbank trends team are constantly working on new trend forecast information – check out the Patternbank Trends area for seasonal trends to help inspire your new designs - Seasonal designs will feature in this area, giving your patterns more exposure. Buyers want commercial on-trend designs so always think about this when designing. We also send out designer newsletters throughout the year with trend highlights and designer advice to help you become a successful seller on the studio.

    Is there a limit to how many designs I can upload?

    No, keep uploading – you can add as many designs as you like to the studio, so please utilise any old designs you've not sold or keep busy designing. However it is advisable to not upload a large quantity of designs at once, if you plan on uploading lots of designs stagger it a bit so do 10 every few days - this will increase your time at the top of the 'New Arrivals' page.

    Can I remove my designs from the site?

    Yes, you can in most instances except in the case of a Standard/Extended designs that have sold, it needs to remain on the site so that the buyer can re-download if they need to. You can now also delete Premium designs. It's always good to review your designs from time to time to keep your offering fresh & on-trend.

    Who oversees quality control?

    The Patternbank team – our philosophy is to supply high-quality designs, so only the best will make it onto the site. We will be firm but fair when approving designs.

    Unsuccessful Application?

    Unfortunately, we don’t offer specific details on rejected designer applications as this has come from one of our moderation team.

    Can I re-apply?

    We don’t offer the opportunity to re-apply to become a seller. However, this is not to say your work wouldn’t be right for another studio.

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