Katerina Gri

I am a freelance designer, specialising in textile design (and surface design), graphic design, illustration. Love creating patterns, experimenting with colors, forms, styles in my work.

Describe your pattern design style? 
Experimentative, diverse, sophisticated.
What is your work & design process? 
I prefer to start my patterns with hand painted or hand drawn artworks, because the process itself is really fascinating. It makes me feel really excited and gives very exclusive results, as the motifs are not repeatable and are unique. I usually start with the creation of the moodboard for the future designs. It can be reaction to the latest catwalk, or some of my impressions from the exhibitions or trips that I have. I also try to develop an interesting colour palette that goes together with the moodboard. Then the design process starts. I can do several designs inspired by one moodboard.
Where do you find your design inspiration?
I find my inspiration from different sources: it can be a latest runway show, or exhibition of a modern artist, or my travels. I usually carry my camera everywhere to take pictures from the scenes that will inspire me. Also I like to take pictures of flowers that are growing, try to inspect them as precisely as possible. I also think that such resources as Pinterest are very useful to cherish the inspiration.
What advice would you give to new designers?
I would definitely give the advice to try to paint every day, because it really helps to develop your skills and your own style. Also I think it's great to try to diversify your works as much as possible: to do floral patterns, ethnic, abstract etc. It will give your portfolio a large spectrum and will attract different clients. And never to stop finding new sources of inspiration to drive your creative ideas.