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    Common Questions

    What is Patternbank?

    Patternbank is the go-to resource for all things Print, Pattern and Trend Forecasting. Explore thousands of royalty-free patterns and exclusively licensed textile designs from the world's largest online collection of textile designers. Patternbank sells the finest handcrafted designs from a curated collection of highly skilled textile designers and artists, create inspirational print trend reports and provide consultancy to some of the biggest companies in the industry. You are able to buy designs from some of the best designers in the business for use in your personal or commercial projects. We also sell a range of highly respected Trend Reports covering all aspects of the Print and Pattern world.

    Do I need to join?

    To browse the Standard License part of the studio you don't need to join but if you want to purchase a design you will need to create an account. Joining also enables you to create your own lightboxes, follow your favorite designers and receive our special offers and freebies occasionally. Sign up by hitting 'Join Now' at the top right of the screen its free to join.

    How do I use Patternbank?

    Once you have joined you are able to purchase any of the royalty-free Standard/Extended License patterns, Exclusive Premium License designs and Trend Reports. All our transactions go through Braintree or PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to make a payment through PayPal).

    What is a Lightbox?

    Our Lightbox feature allows users to save and store designs for review(similar to Boards within Pinterest). This Lightbox feature is ideal if you are building a seasonal collection. You can easily name Lightboxes to help you manage your purchases. Also, you are able to share Lightboxes with colleagues - just copy the URL link.

    Can I use a Patternbank design on products for resale i.e. on a dress, swimwear, mug & cushion?

    If you are purchasing a design to use on a commercial product for resale, you will need to purchase the design as an Extended License design. A Standard License design purchase does not allow use on products for resale. See our License info

    What is Patternbank Premium?

    Premium Exclusive License designs are sold with a one-off exclusive license, once a design is sold it is instantly removed from the site. This license gives you total exclusivity to the design and means you own the design outright (for unlimited commercial production/resale items use). To access and buy Premium Exclusive designs you simply need to create a free account by hitting 'Join Now' at the top right of the screen.

    UPGRADE A LICENSE: Can I upgrade a Standard design to an Extended License?

    You can purchase a Standard License design for test prints / CAD presentations / etc. If the design is then chosen to go into commercial production, you would need to upgrade the License. This can be done easily through your Patternbank profile. The previous standard purchase price will be deducted from the new Extended License price.

    If you have purchased a Standard License (which does not allow the design to be used for commercial production/resale items) and you would like to use the design on a commercial product you will need to upgrade to an Extended License. You can now upgrade the License of design through your Patternbank user profile. Go to your profile icon at the top right of the studio page and select 'Transactions' page. Click the 'Upgrade License' button on the relevant design to upgrade your License.

    Can I upgrade a Standard design to a Premium exclusive design?

    If you see a design that you would like to purchase as a Premium Exclusive license. We can check if the design has not been sold so you have exclusivity, then we can upgrade it to Premium License.

    Can I get a design put in repeat or adjust it?

    If you see a design that is not in repeat or you would like it modified slightly then contact us and we'll do our best to help.

    What file type will I receive

    If you purchase a Standard License bitmap image on the Patternbank Studio you will receive a JPEG image at the size you specified when purchasing. This file can be opened in packages such as Adobe Photoshop.

    Extended Licence purchases(Items for Resale/Commercial use) are offered as layered Adobe Photoshop PSD files or Adobe Illustrator EPS/AI files depending on the file type. The design file info can be found on the info pane on the right-hand side of the design page - file format/design size/repeat info can be found here. The Extended license also includes any additional Assets that the designer has uploaded - i.e. extra colourways, preparatory works & scans (this info on what's included as extra Assets can be found in the design description box).

    In the Premium Exclusive License section of the site, if you purchase a bitmap file you will receive the layered Adobe Photoshop document (PSD) which will enable you to customize the design further. Newer designs with the five product visuals have all files ready for instant download. When purchasing a Premium Vector file, an EPS file is downloaded which is editable in packages such as Adobe Illustrator.

    Contact if you have any issues with files - we can contact the designer to resolve any file or design problems.

    Are Trend Report sales final?

    Since the reports are viewed online and available for download, all trend report sales are final and non-refundable.

    Trend Reports - Single-seat & Multi-seat license?

    A Single seat license means the trend report digital pdf can only be used on one workstation/PC. A Multi-seat license is for if you are sharing the trend report file/pdf across many PC/Workstations.

    Returns & Refunds on patterns?

    Downloadable Standard/Extended/Premium License patterns are not returnable or refundable once they have been purchased/downloaded, for obvious reasons. If your purchase is proven defective and you notify us within 10 days of your purchase, we will either provide a replacement/update to that item or refund your transaction.

    Any other questions? You can email us at

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